Understanding Tattoo Removal

Our mission is to use the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology to provide you with safe, effective and comfortably priced laser tattoo removal and remodelling. At your request, we’re happy to work with your tattoo artist to develop the best program for tattoo cover-ups and remodelling.

Public perception of tattoos has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Tattoo art is now a widely accepted feature of Canadian culture, and there are no longer any stereotypes regarding the people who wear tattoos.

There are no “usual” reasons for tattoo removal anymore, either. While it’s still fairly common to remove a name tattoo, people are also choosing removal for aesthetic reasons — to improve the quality of their body art and keep pace with the growing talents of local artists.

At Adermani Laser and Medical Aesthetics, we’re fully committed to partnering with your tattoo artist to help you reach your goals.



Are you through with your tattoo? Adermani can help.

Did you just find out the Japanese kanji on your back doesn’t actually say “Freedom?” Are you tired of explaining why the name of the ex you broke up with 3 years ago is still emblazoned over your heart?

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Have questions? Adermani’s got the answers.

One of the few tattoo removal clinics in New Brunswick with a certified physician on board, Adermani is proud to have Dr. Denise Gallant on staff. Dr. Gallant is an expert and trusted physician with more than 20 years of medical experience.

In addition to a great physician, we’ve got the best tools money can buy. Adermani has the only laser in town that delivers 3 different pure wavelengths. Our state-of-the-art laser equipment has a solid-state Nd:YAG laser with 2 wavelengths and an additional Ruby laser built in to provide the third. This means we’re able to remove all your tattoo ink — including the stubborn greens and blues.

To make your decision even easier, when you choose Adermani for your tattoo removal you’ll be saving money. We provide the most affordable tattoo removal service around. We’re confident that you’ll save 25% or more compared to other local tattoo removers.

Adermani uses the finest in laser technology

When you’re talking about technology, your choice is clear — Adermani Laser and Medical Aesthetics is the place to get your tattoo remodelled or removed. Here’s why:

Most Nd:YAG lasers have just 2 wavelengths: 1064 nanometres (abbreviated as nm) and 532 nm. Practitioners can only achieve midrange wavelengths with these lasers by bending the laser wave with decayable, gel-filled handpieces. This is important, because the midrange wavelengths are needed to remove difficult colours successfully.

But at Adermani, we use the Quanta Q + C laser. It’s the highest performing Q-switched laser you can buy, bar none. This is the only laser of its kind that has an Nd:YAG laser and a Ruby laser housed in the same platform.

What this means for you is 3 separate, 100% pure true laser wavelengths that provide the most fluent energies possible, even in the midrange — which translates into truly outstanding results, no matter the colour of your ink.

How tattoo remodelling and removal works

You remember getting your tattoo — a tattoo needle placed tiny particles of coloured ink into the deeper layers of your skin. As your skin healed, the ink particles became immobile and a permanent part of your skin.

The process of laser tattoo removal focuses tight beams of laser light on those ink particles. The ink particles absorb the energy from the lasers and begin to heat up rapidly. This heat causes a tiny micro-explosion in the ink particles, breaking them up into even smaller bits which are easy for your immune system to carry away. As the bits are moved out of your skin, your tattoo fades away.

The Quanta Q + C laser that we use at Adermani is the first one in New Brunswick that provides you with 3 dedicated pure laser wavelengths — 1064 nm, 693 nm, and 532 nm. We begin your treatments with the 1064 nm wavelength, because it has the lowest absorption effect. This makes it the safest choice for the earliest of your tattoo removal treatments.

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Why are lasers the accepted way to remove tattoos?

Have you ever noticed how much hotter you are when you wear dark clothes outside in the summer? That’s because dark colours absorb more sunlight. Tattoo removal works on the same principle. Your tattoo ink is like the colour of your clothes. It absorbs the energy from the laser light and is disrupted by it. And lasers are able to direct sharply focused light energy to your tattoo through the layers of your skin.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser light energy is focused on the tattooed area of your skin for just a tiny fraction of a second. It passes safely through the outer layer of your skin and targets the tattoo ink where it’s located, in the lower layers. The laser disperses the ink and makes the individual ink particles easy for your body to break down and absorb naturally.

What does the process feel like?

Some people say that laser tattoo removal feels like a rubber band that’s being snapped on your skin. Others say it feels pretty much the same as it did to get a tattoo — but the good news is that it goes a lot faster.

At Adermani, we use a Zimmer Cryo 6 Skin Chiller before and during each treatment. This helps to keep you comfortable during your treatment; and also minimises inflammation and skin damage during the healing process. The result is less pain and fewer side effects.

After you’ve had between 5 and 15 treatments, your body will have absorbed most of the ink and your tattoo should be barely visible — or completely gone. Keep in mind, though, that a few colours, like white, blue, and green can be very stubborn and might not be fully removed.

Why do some tattoos take longer than others to remove?

There are 5 main factors that can affect the way your tattoo responds to laser treatment:

1. Immune system
Everyone’s immune system is different. Some of us recover quickly from colds, while others seem to have a permanent sniffle. Your immune system plays an important role in tattoo removal, and it will carry away the pigment in its own time.

2. Skin tone
Our success tends to be higher with lighter skin tone — but we can treat many different types of skin effectively. In some situations, your tattoo may be significantly less visible after the very first session.

3. Ink colours
The colours in your tattoo can make a big difference. Laser light energy affects dark blue, black, red and dark orange ink more readily, so those colours usually require less visits than purple, green, brown, light blue and light orange.

4. Specific inks
There are no regulations regarding the strength or quality of tattoo inks. Different inks will affect your skin differently, and some may require more treatments than others. As a general rule, amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professional ones.

5. Tattoo depth
A professional tattoo generally goes deeper into the skin than one made by an amateur. And tattoos that cover old tattoos use more ink and apply it deeper. The deeper your tattoo goes, the more likely it is that you’ll need additional laser treatments.

How many sessions will I need?

Tattoos can’t be removed instantly. Your first session will begin the process of breaking down the ink into smaller bits, and your immune system will start moving those bits away during the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Once that initial process is over you’ll be ready for your next treatment. We’ll repeat the process until your tattoo is removed. Keep in mind that some inks are harder to remove, and may require additional treatments.

Does the process have clear stages?

Absolutely. You’ll notice three distinct stages to tattoo removal:

In the first stage, it might take several treatments to notice any visible results. Remember, you’ll start with an initial session and then come back every 6 to 8 weeks after that. You might not see any obvious changes at first, but your body will be working on dispersing the ink.

In the middle stage, the dark colours in your tattoo will start to fade while the bright reds and blues will gradually get lighter.

Some time between 5 and 15 sessions you’ll enter the final stage. Your body will have absorbed most of the tattoo ink, although a few stubborn colours (white is one) might not be gone. You’ll barely be able to see your tattoo — or it may be completely cleared and invisible.

What can I do to help the process along?

Most of the time our clients are excited after their first few treatments. But it’s a long process, and it’s easy to get impatient — especially in those middle stages.

Keep a positive mindset about your treatments, and remember that every session will affect your body a little differently. Our tattoo removal process is consistent, but the human body isn’t.

For the best possible results, follow our after-care instructions carefully. After-care is designed to help you achieve the highest success in the least amount of time.

What kind of equipment does Adermani use?

We’re proud to use the Quanta Q + C laser. This is absolutely cutting-edge equipment; it’s the first one of its kind to be sold here in New Brunswick. This state-of-the-art laser provides superior performance because it uses 3 dedicated pure wavelengths — 523 nm, 694 nm, and 1064 nm.

And because the Quanta Q + C delivers a high energy, Q switched pulse, your tattoo can be removed with minimal risk of discomfort during treatment, and far less risk of scarring during healing.

At Adermani, we also make use of the Zimmer Cryo 6 Skin Chiller before and during each treatment to protect your skin and keep pain at a minimum.

Can you tell me more about your equipment?

Sure. Let’s start with our laser. It has 3 important components:

1. The workhorse — the Nd:YAG crystal
Most tattoo removal services make use of a simple Nd:YAG laser. And that’s all you’ll get in most cases. But the Nd:YAG laser on the Quanta Q + C is unique, because it incorporates a frequency doubler into the platform.

The frequency doubler is made of a solid KTP crystal, and as you might guess, it doubles the frequency of the laser light. This cuts the wavelength in half and converts it from 1064 nm to 532 nm. This is the wavelength that is most easily absorbed by yellow, red and orange tattoo inks.

2. The specialist — the Ruby crystal
Another unique component of the Quanta Q + C, the Ruby crystal is your laser operator’s “secret weapon” for removing the difficult blue and green pigments.

We don’t use it often, but having it on hand gives us the full spectrum of current technological innovation. The Ruby crystal arms us with a mid-range, 694 nm wavelength that’s not available from most commercial lasers.

3. The regulator — the Q-switch
Think of the Q-switch like a high-speed shutter on a camera. But unlike a camera’s shutter, which regulates the amount of light going in, the Q-switch controls the amount of light going out. It creates a short, intense pulse of light for the laser to release.

The Q-switch targets specific ink pigments and delivers precise laser wavelengths to them at extremely high speeds. This is what makes it possible to remove your tattoo safely and comfortably.

That covers the important features of the laser we use at Adermani. Now let’s take a look at the equipment we use to manage pain and inflammation during the process of tattoo removal:

The Zimmer Skin Chiller Cryo 6
This system was designed specifically for the laser tattoo removal process, and surveys show that tattoo removal patients prefer this method overwhelmingly when it’s compared to other methods.

The Cryo 6 is a movable skin cooling unit that takes air temperature down to -32 degrees Celsius. Once the air is cooled, we use a flexible hose to direct the air onto the area of skin we’re treating.

By temporarily cooling your skin, the Cryo 6 keeps pain and heat injury to a minimum while the laser is applied. It’s a much different — and much better — way to cool your skin than other methods that use contact cooling, sprayed-on cryogens or ice packs. It can be used before, during and after your treatment for maximum comfort.

Finally, there’s the state-of-the-art handpiece we use at Adermani to direct the laser pulses precisely to the right areas:

The Quanta System OPTI-BEAM
This innovative handpiece uses the most advanced optical technology to generate a perfect flat top beam. A flat top beam delivers the laser energy evenly over the treatment site, which is absolutely necessary when using a powerful Q-switched laser like the Quanta Q + C.

Because our laser creates such an intense pulse, the beam profile needs to be as flat and even as possible. An uneven beam can cause hot spots with unwanted side effects and may result in longer healing time.

Our OPTI-BEAM handpiece makes it easy for us to do our job to the highest possible standards with easier, more precise pulse overlap. This precision causes far less damage to your skin and reduces the amount of time between treatments as much as 20%.